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A part of what makes us unique, is the diverse and manifold skill set we have obtained over the years. We have worked with a huge diversification of customers across a multitude of industries, each with their own unique and distinctive challenges and goals.

This is our full and comprehensive set of skills, making us masters and leaders in the industry. Each skill on its own doesn't mean much, but we pride ourselves in the ability to bring together all these skills to form a single unified solution.

We trust that our never-ending list of skills, knowledge and experience will help you in making the only logical decision to make Webvelopment your digital agency of choice.


Our core business module is building websites and user experiences that drives your business’ goals. We have experience with the following web standards:

  • WordPress
    • Theme & Plugin Development
    • Site Design and Publishing
    • Wordpress Security
    • Wordpress Maintenance
  • Website Design
    • Within Wordpress
    • With Bootstrap
    • With HTML5 & CSS3
    • With Javascript (Native) & jQuery
    • With Angular, Vue & React
  • Digital Form Design
  • Web Wireframing
We also offer eCommerce solutions with the following:
  • Custom Developed Solutions
    • With PHP
    • With NodeJS

Mobile Apps

We have experience on the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Universal Windows Platform
We can employ the following application structures:
  • Native Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Hybrid Applications
We use the following to assist with development:
  • Xcode
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • Amplify Framework

Backends & Software

We write backend and business software with:

  • NodeJS
  • PHP
    • Custom Developed PHP
    • Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend Framework, CakePHP & Symfony
  • .Net, C# & C++
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft Sharepoint & Access
  • Filemaker Pro
We offer the following as part of our stack:
  • REST API Development & Integration
  • Backend Frameworks, UI's and Database Abstractions
  • Microservice Development


The following coding languages are commonly used to achieve our goals:

  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • .Net, C# & C++
  • Python
  • GO
  • Java
For databasing we regularly use the following:
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • CoucDB
  • Firebird
  • Axisbase
  • Cassandra
  • Amazon RDS
  • Firebase

Content Management Systems

We offer a range of service for CMS based customers:

  • Publishing & Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Backups & Continuity
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Security
  • 3rd Party Integration
We regularly work with the following CMS's:
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Typo3
  • DotNetNuke
  • SiteFinity

Business Logic

We have a wide range of experience with the following:

  • LMS
  • CRM
  • Supply & Logistics
  • IoT
  • Lead Processing
  • Transport & Transit
  • Point of Sale

Brand & Design

We offer a wide range of branding & design services, some of the highlights are:

  • Corporate Identities
    • Modernising
    • New ID's
  • Logo Design & Brand Asseting
  • Documents
    • Company Profiles
    • Annual Reports
    • Letterheads
    • Standard Document Templates
  • Marketing Assets
    • Business Cards
    • Marketing Documents
    • Business Cards
  • Packaging
  • Product Brochures & Manuals

Content Creation

We assist our customers with their media strategies by offering the following media creation facility:

  • Copywriting, Blog Posts & PR Releases
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modelling, Rendering, Visualising & Gamification
  • Social Calendars

Digital Marketing

We assist our customers with their marketing strategies on the following networks/platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Bidvertiser
  • RevContent
  • AdRoll
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Advertising Network
  • Bing Ads
  • BuySellAds
  • AdBlade
We assist with the following types of digital marketing:
  • Pay per click
  • Remarketing
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile App & Game Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Relating to long-term and short-term SEO we offer:

  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO
  • Voice Search Optimisation
  • Location Based Search Optimisation
  • SEO Strategies
    • Long-term implementations
    • Burst-term implementations
    • Short-term implementations

Social Media

We offer the following social media services:

  • Social Strategy, Planning & Scheduling
  • Social Content Creation
  • Social Reporting, Metrics & Tracking
  • Social Development
Our Service is limited to the following social networks:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIN
  • Twitter
We offer the following growth implementations:
  • Promoted & Paid Growth Marketing
  • Organic Growth Marketing

Public Relations

We offer the following PR Services

  • Emergency & Damage Control
  • Routine PR
  • Product/Service Release PR
  • Regulatory PR

Analytics & Reporting

We offer KPI Tracking & Integration with reporting and advanced analytics with a range of software, specific to the requirements of the reporting and the sensitivity of information that is gathered. We also offer a digital auditing service.

Hosting & Email

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, focusing on high performance hosting for web applications, backends and email services. These systems are run on Unix and Microsoft Servers (trust us, we know our stuff). We also have extensive experience with the biggest hosting players and data centres.

Our extensive and unbeaten knowledge of networking, server hardware and software allow us to offer a compelling hosting option and to consult on complex hosting requirements for small to medium sized businesses.

IT & Networking

We offer on-site and off-site IT support on software, operating systems and hardware. Our service level agreement allows our customers to run their businesses without worrying about their business’ technological and networking infrastructure.

We also offer a turnkey IT maintenance solution, allowing our customers to constantly replace and upgrade their infrastructure to ultimately scale at a fixed monthly cost.


Our key stakeholders constantly consult with other agencies, conglomerates and enterprise customers to assist in reaching their goals. Some of our consulting topics are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Platform
  • Strategy
  • Social
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Business Logic & Intelligence
  • Development Security
  • Project and Account Management





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